We got vaccines

So going through 19 countries we’re bound to come across some kind of disease or virus that wants to eat us alive. We don’t really fancy that so we went and got jabbed up.

From Future Rhys:
We understand this blog will likely be viewed by a future rally goer if they search hard enough, so we’re going to make it easier for you.
Check out our route, and cross compare with yours.

The vaccines we are going for are:
Booster for Polio, Diphtheria and Tetanus (if needed)
Hepatitis A and B (ASK YOUR GP TO GIVE YOU THE HEP A AND B TOGETHER! Mine didn’t and so I had to pay an extra £120 from Boots. I was told this was possible as she plunged the needle into my arm. Cheers.)
Typhoid (Free from GP)
Cholera (Oral medicine, £8 subscription from GP)
Rabies (3 jabs at £55 each at Boots)
Tick-borne Encephalitis (3 jabs at £65 each at Boots) [Their website says 2 jabs and when I went for my 3rd and final jab at Boots it turns out they had a shortage and to I went to a MASTA approved clinic. Still £65 but I was told that I shouldn’t be having my final jab until 6 months after my 2nd… But the lovely French lady smiled, muttered in French, jabbed me in my arm and took my cash anyway.)

Vaccines you will probably come across but will not know whether to get or not:
Dengue Fever, My African housemate had this when he was out in Africa said it’s horrible but we have done our research and it’s ultra rare to get it along our route.
Japanese Encephalitis, this one here is a tough one as it is present in East Russia. However we are told it is commonly spread through pigs and we do not plan on sleeping next to any pig farms whilst we are briefly in Russia we have skipped this as it’s rather pricey.

To finish up, when going to these vaccine places it is worth taking a spreadsheet of the places you’re visiting and a rough time when. Then hand it over and let them fill out all the boxes for their paper work. It is a laborious task but if you have an IT brain about you, who ever designed Boots’ trip planning system definitely had their head screwed on. You can enter the trip details in once and have it pulled up by a team mate for theirs too at ease. Go Boots Web Dev.

As a side note about vaccines:
Oli’s arm ached a lot but that’s about it.
Ucci has not commented at all on his, so we can only assume 10/10 okay for him.
I however, was clearly run down or had a shit batch of vaccines, because the 3rd and final Hep B and Rabies jab that I had hit me like a train. 1/150 chance of a high fever from Hep B. Combined with the 5% chance of stomach cramps, cold seats, high temp, nausea, diarrhoea and general ill health from the Rabies. I wanted to die. But it passed in about 24 hours so not too bad.

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