We like big boots and we cannot lie

So after upgrading our tyres to gnarly van tyres, and despite our rims being reduced from 14 to 13 inches… Our wheels don’t fit in the boot wheel-well any more…
Call in a couple of geezers, a pencil, a tape measure, a jig saw, a bit of wood and some patience and you too can have yourself a decent use of boot space.
We anticipate using the wheel-well for storing parts we really don’t want to have to get to, like a spare alternator or the breathalysers that are a legal requirement through Europe.

Mid-way a crack enthusiast propped herself up against the side of the house and watched us take shelter under our boot from the torrential rain. The rain didn’t phase her one bit as sge staggered off down the road towards the park… 20 minutes later a helicopter which sounded like it’s engine was about to fail made a landing in the park… We are lead to believe the two are linked.

We also spent some time consolidating all our tools into a handy tool box!




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