Day 6 – Bucharest to Constanta beach.

Late pickup achieved we slept through till roughly 10am and prepared to leave for Constanta via a reputable food-provider. With the recommendation of our hostel, we had to unpack the entre roof rack the night before – 4 jerry cans, 2 tyres, a dry bag of sleeping bags, tool box, liquids container, and other kit all went into the car and covered up by the retired tarpaulin; having ben retired from its active role as roof rack cover. This was quickly reversed, and extra room was made for Raj and his gear.

With thanks and a smile, we made our way out into the city centre and came across an underground car park – quickly finding this to be a mistake due to maximum roof height. We ended up Italian style on the roadside, and chose a nice looking brasserie across the road junction. This turned out to be a 5-star hotel serving a lunch buffet at a not-too-pricey €20 a pop. We tucked in right away, and 3 courses later we set off for the beach.

As is tradition, we got lost again but all was not in vain – we stumbled across a not so pretty lorry accident with all manner of action happening at the scene, people assisting where they could alongside the police. Time had slipped by – arriving at the beach at roughly 7PM local time, Oli made quick to repair the no very noisy heat shield that Mickey as trying to shed. We theorised this could be the case of the engine management light continually going off as well – as the heat shield banged around and knocked it repeatedly. 1 jubilee clip later and all was smooth sounding again. The tent was setup on the beach and we settled in for a chilled out evening of games, partying and relaxing on the sand.

This for us was very much an emotional leg achieved – we had made it to the Black Sea. Beyond lay Asia, and a whole other world of customs, languages and peoples. But we had made it this far, and with the exception of a rattling exhaust and a bit of a slow climb up hills, Mickey the Micra clocked his way over 2000 miles, and soldiered on, unnerved.

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