Christmas is two months late

We’ve been busy buying lots of parts to get rally ready.

New braided brake lines for Oli, some vanity mirrors for Rhys 💁 and a valet inside and out for Mickey!
Valet Mickey
Brake Hoses Vanity Mirror

We also purchased a new heat resistor pack because ours only works on full or nothing. This is going to be a pain to fit as the entire front console needs removing. We will likely film this for anyone else with this issue too as we follow the Haynes book of lies.
Heat Resistor Pack

So we can drive across places.
International Driving Permit

So we can blast the tunes.
Media Player

So we can stop our car from boiling itself to death in the Gobi desert.

That’s all there is too it really for parts. We have contacted many companies to help us get rally ready so just waiting on their responses!


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