Whats that coming over the hill?!

Is it a monster?


No, thats just our fabulous new sweat bucket chugging along the mean streets of Manchester, after trudging all the way upto Manchester our very own Mr Edwards had this to say:

“And with that a major milestone has been reached today. We have finally purchased the car which will transport us 11,000 miles, one third of the way around the world to the glorious destination of Ulan-Ude!
After countless hours of car hunting, many cars didn’t make the cut and with a few people messing us around, we took the plunge and headed on a 600 mile round trip to Manchester to pick up this Micra!

What a day!”

What a day indeed, with our new car purchased we can now focus on some crucial modifications, paperwork and the all important fundraising campaign. If you’re as excited as we are make sure to stay tuned for more updates and news on our progress.